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Yoga Studio has over 100 Videos Produced for Marketing Efforts


PowerLife Yoga was in need of a way to showcase their class variety and atmosphere to prospective members on their website. 


After uncovering further needs, Ryan shot and edited 9 videos for each individual class offering, a hype video, and 52 position break down videos.

Over the course of 2 years, Ryan has produced over 100 videos for the studio for digital displays, Facebook ads, website content, and more. This resulted in continued growth of paid advertising efforts, new memberships, and the expansion into a new market in Nebraska.

These videos included Teacher Training promotions in Kansas City:

And event overviews for Yoga at the Glen, a charity event in honor of Hannah - the owners' niece who tragically passed away.

Recently the company has placed digital displays in all of their locations. This prompted another avenue where they can express their values and connect with members in a new way.

We set down the path to create videos to showcase these values and how they are seen in the halls at each studio.

One of those values is having High Standards.

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