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Letting Results Do the Talking | D1 Training Des Moines

D1 Training Des Moines is a unique fitness facility helping a variety of athletes improve.

They came to us looking for a way to communicate their product offerings to different audiences while speaking to the needs of their customers. In short, they have 3 programs and 3 different types of athletes for each, so we needed to break them down and make it easy for prospects to see the value in all of them.

After some discussion, we established that D1 needed a video series to clarify who they are, what they do, and how they get results for a variety of athletes from youth programs to college football prospects.

Get a behind the scenes look at one of the shoots below:

Following the same structure, we interviewed a program coordinator and a few of their athletes, to hear from both sides of the experience of how they work with athletes to improve their skills and reach their goals.

For some, it's working on the foundations like speed and agility to land a starting spot on their high school team:

For adults, it is getting a good workout that pushes you to dig deep:

This program includes a boo camp atmosphere that keeps athletes moving and motivated to get a sweat going.

And for football players, it is a specified program to improve at your position and attract the attention of college football recruiters.

Many of their 1-on-1 coaching clients achieved their college dreams to get a scholarship and play football at the next level.

The videos ended up being a great way to showcase their specific programs and how they stand out from the crowd. Using a testimonial approach is a strategic way for gyms to let the results they get for their members do the talking.

If you operate a gym and are looking for fresh ideas to market your brand with, feel free to reach out to us at

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