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Fitness Product Rakes in $47,000 in 1st Month on Kickstarter

When Flobody reached out with a vision for a successful product launch on Kickstarter, I had to get involved to see this Cindarela Story unfold.

Flobody is an online business providing a signature yoga mat product, complete with resistance bands, a carrying case, and workout plan to spice up at home workouts for their customers.


Flobody needed a professional, on-budget video to launch their Kickstarter funding campaign for their new fitness product. In previous campaigns, cell phone videos were used to sell the product. 


Ryan developed a script, shot, directed, and produced both a campaign sales video as well as a workout highlight for social media ads to showcase the versatility of the product. The team hired paid talent and rented a warehouse studio space to capture the content in.

The campaign passed the goal of $15,000 in sales in the first hour of launching and has raised over $47,000 in pledges. 

Video was implimented at various steps in the marketing funnel including social media, their website, and on the Kickstarter page to tell the story of the product.

For a behind the scenes video on the shoot, see the video below!

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