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Be Bold. Be Odd.

Video marketing for
brands just like yours.

Stand out from the pack with videos that move the needle

Video marketing is the quickly becoming the norm for businesses, brands, and everyone in between to get and keep attention. 

But having a professional video is only half of the battle. 

Where do you share it? How can you leverage it to drive trackable ROI to impress your boss? These are the things our team does to make the biggest impact possible.

Trust our team to help you not only script, shoot, and edit an amazing video - but strategize the campaign that will get you results with it.


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We strive to help every client reach past their original goals by providing asset bundles, marketing strategy, and funnel integration into every project we touch.

Vetting video vendors?
Read this first.

If you need videos produced for your brand there are tons of options to choose from. You could do it yourself, hand it off to the intern, hire some college kid with little to no experience, or drop $100,000+ on a marketing agency to produce something for you. All of those options are non-ideal and cause you to sacrifice a ton of time, energy and/or budget to acomplish. We set out to change that.

At Snaadt Media Group, we aim to establish a new category on this video production spectrum, offering both production work and marketing consulting so you know when/where/how to deploy assets that convert. Our team works with you to identify your marketing and busienss challenges, finding ways to solve them with targeted tactics that move your business forward. This often times looks like reviewing your sales process and funnels to see where people are 'leaking out' and filling those gaps with strongly produced video content.

Having issues hiring and retaining a strong workforce? A culture and recruitment campaign would work for that. Losing sales prospects righhhttt when they are about to sign on the dotted line? That sucks and we would suggest rebuttal FAQ videos for that. Opening a new brick and mortar location and needing to pack the place for opening night? A grand opening CTA video would help for that. Spending 4+ hours each day trying to make a TikTok that only gets 200 views? That sounds like a terrible use of resources. You would likley benefit from a recurring content retainer where we capture a whole month's content in a single shoot day.

As you can see, your unique business challenges require a seasoned eye and one-on-one attention to build out the perfect plan of attack. Most companies will just nod and smile while you tell them what you want produced. We often push back (in a nice way) on concepts that don't solve the issues you are looking to improve. 

This integration of marketing and content production makes our team stand out from the competition and allows you to get the marketing value of an agency without taking out a loan to do it. 

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