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Rentable, Professional, Video Podcast Studio

Launch your brand's podcast in style at Snaadt Media Group. Our rentable video podcast studio is sound treated and designed to have your talent looking professional and sounding their best. 

Why Podcast?

We know creating consistent content for your business is a never ending hampster wheel.


That is why a podcast is a great strategy for many businesses. Come in, sit down, have a conversation for an hour, and leave. We set up and monitor all of the tech, handle the editing, and can even upload/optimize your show to grow your audience and your brand reach.


Did we mention how slick the studio looks too?!

We capture your show in audio and video, allowing us to create a large volume of content from a simple session - to then blast your message across the many platforms online.

Flexible rental options for your podcasting needs

Basic Studio Rental

Do-it-yourself podcast room access with up to 4 mics and a camera. 


  • Room access for up to 90 minutes

  • 4 mics, recorder, one (unmanned) wide camera angle

  • All raw files sent via Google Drive

  • NO editing included

  • NO audio technician or camera operator

Advanced Studio Rental

Done-with-you podcast with more camera angles, a technician to monitor cameras, and multicam episode editing.


  • Room access for up to 90 minutes

  • 4 mics, recorder, up to 3 camera angles

  • Camera operator included

  • Full length show podcast audio + YT video

Premium Podcast Retainer

Done-for-you podcast geared towards businesses that are serious about growing their audience online, value their time, and need an expert team to publish their show.


  • (4) 90 minute studio rentals per month

  • 4 mics, audio recorder, up to 3 camera angles

  • Camera operator included

  • All Editing included

  • Includes: Startup branding package Show cover art, channel build out, YT SEO, and marketing plan 

  • 24 deliverables per month:  Podcast, YT multi cam, Blog transcription, 2 ‘clips topics’, and 2 social teasers per episode

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Ready to level up?

Reach out to set up a call and see if our podcast studio is right for you.

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