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RWO Ep. 002 Unlocking Financial Success: Money Management Tips for Young Adults w/ Joey Beech

Thanks for tuning in for this episode of the Rhymes with Odd podcast.

A Girl's Guide to Personal Finance Book:

Financial Lit Lady Podcast:

Joey's site:


Money doesn't guarantee happiness: The guest, Joey Beech, shares a personal story of witnessing her mother rebuild her life with less money but greater dignity and self-respect. It highlights the importance of finding contentment beyond financial wealth. Financial literacy is crucial: Joey Beech is a financial literacy advocate, emphasizing the need for young adults to understand personal finance. She discusses the significance of learning how to manage money effectively and avoid common financial pitfalls.

The impact of choosing the right partner: The host and guest discuss the significance of choosing a life partner who shares similar financial values and goals. They highlight the potential consequences of financial incompatibility and the importance of open communication about money matters within a relationship.

Making informed financial decisions: Joey Beech stresses the importance of making wise choices when it comes to major financial decisions, such as buying a car or a house. She encourages considering long-term consequences, researching options, and aligning expenses with personal priorities.

Planning for the future: Both the host and guest emphasize the value of having a financial plan and setting goals for the future.

They discuss the benefits of saving, investing, and maximizing opportunities like retirement accounts. Having a clear financial roadmap helps individuals achieve financial stability and adapt to career changes or unexpected circumstances.

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