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RWO Ep. 001 Designing a Podcast Studio from Scratch w/ Paige Snaadt

Welcome to Rhymes with Odd! In our first episode, I interview Paige - my wife who designed the whole SMG studio including our new video podcast room. Hear how she got into interior design, how we met, and get the inside scoop on building a podcast studio of your own. Join us on the Rhymes with Odd Podcast as we dive into the fascinating world of podcast studio design with our guest, Paige Snaadt. In this inaugural episode (Ep. 001), we explore the ins and outs of creating the perfect podcast studio. Paige, a seasoned expert in studio design, shares invaluable insights, tips, and considerations for setting up a professional podcasting space. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiration.

Tune in on YouTube for an engaging visual experience as we uncover the secrets of designing a podcast studio that will elevate your audio game. Don't miss out on this exciting conversation

Introduction to Rhymes with Odd Podcast

Hosted by Ryan Snod, the Rhymes with Odd Podcast kicks off its inaugural episode with a unique blend of business, self-improvement, and personal stories. In this episode, Ryan invites his wife, Paige Snod, to discuss the design journey behind their podcast studio and delve into their shared history.

Designing the Podcast Studio: From Ugly to Cool

Ryan and Paige share insights into the transformation of their podcast studio, highlighting the satisfaction derived from turning an initially unattractive space into a visually appealing one. A video recording of this transformation is available on Ryan's YouTube channel.

Guest Introduction and Focus on Paige Snod

Paige Snod takes center stage as the first guest on the Rhymes with Odd Podcast. The discussion revolves around Paige's significant role in designing the podcast studio and her passion for creative transformations.

Career Journey: From Architecture to Hairstyling

Paige opens up about her initial dream of becoming an architect, influenced by her exposure to carpentry through her father. However, the daunting nature of a six-year architecture program led her to pursue hairstyling. She expresses her love for design and contemplates a potential future in interior design.

How Ryan and Paige Met: A High School Romance

Ryan and Paige recount the amusing story of their high school meeting, complete with misunderstandings about their relationship status. Paige initially disliked Ryan's partying lifestyle but was won over by his engaging conversations, leading to the beginning of their 12-year relationship.

Family, Future, and Parenthood

The couple shares their experiences of getting married in 2020 and recently celebrating their son's first birthday. They discuss the challenges and joys of parenthood, emphasizing the importance of maintaining individuality and prioritizing their relationship. The conversation touches on their excitement about potential family growth and professional developments, including Ryan's goal of hiring for the podcast.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead with Rhymes with Odd

As the inaugural episode concludes, Ryan expresses gratitude to Paige for joining the show. The Rhymes with Odd Podcast promises a diverse range of future episodes covering health, wealth, relationships, faith, and more. Stay tuned for engaging conversations with various guests on this journey of exploration and self-improvement.

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