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How I Grew a 30,000+ Member Facebook Group from Scratch


So, I run a Facebook group on Facebook called the Freelance Videographer Community that has currently over 36,000 members in it from all around the world.

It's been really taking off the last couple months, gaining about 200 new people a day! This group is a great way to build connection with ideal propsects, establish thought leadership, learn from them, and send new leads down your sales funnels each and every day.


I wanted to make a video to teach you guys how I built this community to where it is and the step-by-step process that you need to take before you start your own Facebook group.

Here is an overview:

Steps to Launch:

-Research other groups on Facebook in your niche

-See if they are any good and what they lack

-Create a group and include all of the things that others are not -Name it something really obvious that people could be searching for

-Create an eye catching banner image that looks inviting

-Invite your friends/family that fit the niche or group criteria

-Link it on your website, Reddit, YouTube, and other places to get traction

Steps to Grow:

-Reach out to niche podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, vendors in the industry, Clubhouse, TikTok, and find ways to get your group promoted to their audience

-Join competitive groups on Facebook and dm people that are complaining about certain things in other groups that your group does better

-Reach out to other mods in other groups to cross promote your group

-Allow Facebook to promote your group for free

-Do weekly posts, engage with the group, add ‘Units’ to educate on topics, create polls, and build a community

-Continue doing these things every week to see growth

Steps to Moderate:

-Develop clear rules about what can be shared

-Make a private group with submission questions applicants have to answer

-Manually approve/deny people until there are too many a day

-Boot spammers, or other unwanted people on a first offense

-Consider adding new moderators to help with these efforts as the group grows

Steps to Convert:

-Welcome every new member to the group by tagging them in a weekly post.

-Pin an announcement video to the group with group rules

-Include downloadables, webinars, freebies, or whatever you would offer people that are interested in your product or service as a first step.

Doing this brings attention to my offerings and many people each week opt-in or purchase when they are looking around

-Ask the group what they want to see more of from you and how they want the group to function

-Pose questions to the group that qualify them for your offers and send them a DM with a link to buy. This is more sales driven and I don’t do this personally.


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