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Center Grove Orchard Promotes Unique Fall Experiences

Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge, IA enlisted the help of Snaadt Media Group to help with their recruiting and marketing efforts in the 2022 season. Attracting more visitors and job candidates to their orchard.


After discussing logistics, our team split the shoots up over a number of days throughout the season - to get different seasonal shifts from summer to fall, and even winter.

For the marketing videos, we narrowed on three main demographics that we wanted to target with our messaging and talent selection. Couples, families, and corporate outings.


The various targeted videos were used as paid ads on social and organic posts to boost engagement and showcase the types of experiences available for everyone on the farm.




In addition to the main videos, we also provided shorter cuts for social media teasers and a looping footage loop for their home page of their website.


For the recruitment video, we wanted to show different types of jobs on the farm, but also the varied experiences of the employees. There are some staff that work year round, and others that enjoy the seasonal opportunities in retirement or during summer break from school.



To see more about the orchard, visit their website:

To learn more about our video production and marketing offerings, shoot us a message at to discuss how we can help your business!

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