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5 Must-Have Videos to Promote your Health and Fitness Business

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

In this virtual lecture for FBA's SUCCESS! 2021 Event, Ryan shares his 5 must-have videos that gyms and fitness businesses should be using to market themselves in 2021.

This presentation gives pointed steps to get your business' message out to more people and clarify how to appeal to new customers.

Ryan dives into the details, but the video types are:

  1. Anchor Videos

  2. Sales Videos

  3. Social Proof

  4. Longform Content

  5. Micro Content

Each has it's place and level of importance for a business. And we find that most of our clients are focusing on the un-important types of videos that get the least amount of results for their bottom line. Especially for gyms and health businesses, you need to speak to members' needs and desires to break through the noise and make an impact.

Need a second opinion on your video marketing strategy?

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