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What is a Video Business Card?

Today you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Video Business Cards!

'Anchor videos', 'About Us' videos, and 'Video Business Cards' are all interchangeable terms here and mean the same thing. A video business card is a brief video that explains who a business is, what they do, why they do it, and how they are unique. These are all of the basic questions that anyone has when they first are introduced to a business. So we use a video to catch people up to speed. Similar to old school business cards, viewers can expect to look at it and get an understanding of what a business does.

Video business cards all follow a similar structure, which makes them easier to spot.

They all answer 3 main questions: why, who, and how.

WHY: Answering why, the video will explain why the business exists, why it was started, and the purpose behind their product or service. This can include a business’ mission or founder’s story of starting the business. This is usually a heartfelt piece that humanizes the brand and makes them more relatable.

Next, they describe who they serve. This helps viewers understand their target market and ideal people that shop or do business with them. It helps viewers see if they fit the mold for becoming a client. It will also speak to the brand’s tribe that will connect with them and feel like they belong.

And finally it covers the how. This briefly explains their process of how they deliver their product or service. The key here is focusing on differentiators that make them unique and stand out. This could be a proprietary way they build a product, where they source their materials from, customer service or the ambiance of being in their physical location.

Now that you have a general idea of Video Business Cards, let’s take a look at a few examples so you can see different ways that they showcase a business. Check it out:

SportsPlex West - Indoor Rec Center

Murphy Tower Service - Telecommunications company

As you can see, each video business card takes a different visual approach, while still hugging the structure that we outlined before.

These work well for businesses and entrepreneurs that need to explain what their business is on a regular basis. Which, let's be honest, is pretty much every business that exists. They are also helpful for in-person sales teams that sell directly to someone live.

So how exactly are they helpful for a business?

Oftentimes if a business is complicated or they can’t express the value they offer in a concise way - a video business card has a lot of potential. There are also many applications where this type of video does well. First, identify how the business gets clients and plug the video into that process to assist with attracting possible customers.

Multiple Uses with Just one Video

They can be put in an email signature, on a businesses home page of their website, to open sales meetings, at live events during a luncheon or before a company employee speaks on stage, social media channels, and the list goes on. Basically anywhere that an audience would benefit from knowing who they are and what they do - a video business card helps to explain it.

A question we get often is, ‘when is the best time to to use video business cards’?

The primary value of a video business card is increasing conversions or sales from the people a client is meeting with. If the client has zero people looking at them, they have a problem with distribution first. So start by establishing if the business has people coming to their site, in person sales people pitching their service, or other ways to get this video in front of possible customers. If they don’t have that first, it may be a good idea to ask more questions and see if they need an ad campaign to bring them more eyeballs first.

Video business cards are also effective for in-person distribution channels. If a salesperson is pitching a prospective client, they can show this video before starting a sales meeting, to give the prospect a better idea of who the company is and what they do.

Clients often reach out to us looking for a general business video..This is the perfect offer for those people. Even if you know it would be more valuable to offer a specific product video or content retainer or video strategy etc… Sometimes the client has their mind made up and you use this as the foot in the door to build a relationship, give them a strong marketing asset, and tee yourself up for future work with them.

Curious about the other 4 levels of the 'Video Importance Pyramid?'

Check out the free webinar training where you can learn about the 5 Must Have videos your business should be using here:

Now when it comes to pricing, there are some things we need to point out. Since you are creating a marketing asset for a business owner with a video business card, the investment can vary significantly. If you’re creating a video business card for a $2 million dollar a year ecommerce store who wants to use it to increase sales from people landing on their homepage.... That single video could bump their revenue by 10% a year, which is $200k a year.

And that's only the first year. So when you find opportunities like this, your video business card can easily be justified at $25k or some clients will charge as high as 6 figures for them. It's all dependent on the value that the video can bring.

On the other hand, let's take a local barber shop who wants to put the video business card on his website, email signature and social media accounts. Now that barber wants to convert more people who view him on his website that are coming from Google search and to stand out from the crowd of 30 other barber shops in his town. Right here, his average client is $30 a hair cut and he can do up to 40 a week. That's $1200 a week, $4800 a month.

Now, your video definitely isn’t going to bring him all of his clients but let's just make some educated guesses with the client. Let's guess that the video could help him stand out and bring 15 new clients to his business a month from Google. Thats 15 * 30 so $450.

Then he’ll use the video for years to bring in an additional $450 a month. So you price the video at $2500 which is a great investment for the barber who is thinking long term. And there you go! A great win-win video business card deal!

Pricing is Relative

As you can see the price is relative. You will find this with almost every client you run a discovery meeting with. That is why each client will have a custom video solution based on your questioning. If you have set pricing rates for all clients, you will be leaving so much money on the table. Ask questions and understand how the clients business works and what is in it for them if it succeeds.

The base your price off the video business card being a win-win investment for the client! Pretty simple right?

To see more examples of video business cards, go here:

Alright, and that does it for this training on what a video business card is, how it creates value for clients and how to price it based on the value.

My name is Ryan Snaadt, it rhymes with odd, and we will see you in the next one!

Peace ✌️

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