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The 5 Must-Have Videos to Market your Business

In this training, we cover the 5 must-have videos to market your business in 2021.

I share my secret formula for building a video marketing strategy that gets results. These foundations are key for you to build video into your strategy and get results. I see so many businesses neglect these cornerstones and it leaves a ton of brand awareness and sales on the table.

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Introduction to the Training:

Hello friends my name is Ryan Snaadt, it rhymes with odd and I'm the owner of Snaadt Media Group, a video marketing company in Des Moines Iowa.

I work with gyms, small businesses, and sports teams to help them drive sales, engagement, and results - using intentional video marketing.

It's no secret to small business owners out there, that video is a great tool to get more of what you want: more sales, more leads, more bacon…. (well maybe not more bacon)

With over 82% of internet traffic watching videos, you need to start getting serious about how you incorporate video in your business.

The problem with video for small business owners is that many of us don't know how to use video to their maximum benefit AND they can get a video produced that looks cool, but doesn’t do what it is supposed to - which is drive results.

In most cases this is website traffic, lead generation, and sales.

So, that's why I created this training... to walk you through the foundational video marketing basics and how you can use video to get the most of what YOU want, for your business.

I'm going to lay out the exact foundational Basics to marketing videos that I have used for all my clients to make sure that we're getting the most out of any video that you consider producing.

You can use videos to sell, explain your company origin story, display what the experience is like to work with your product or service, attract top talent, and much more.

I think that's why I like video so much. It can be used to solve most businesses problems if you are intentional and use it correctly.

So, enough of the pleasantries, let’s get you familiar with my Video Importance Pyramid and the types of videos that actually push the needle, not stroke your ego.

Foundations Pyramid

Here is an overview of the pyramid:

  • At the base we have the Anchor which answers the Who, What, and Why of your business

  • One step up, there are Sales Videos that take prospects over the fence to buy

  • Social Proof videos that snuff out doubt and eliminate fears of prospects

  • Next is Long Form for Consistent Outreach ( think Podcast, YouTube, and things used to attract cold prospects to your business)

  • Micro Pieces (Short form videos, Daily posts, IG Stories)

And yes this looks strikingly similar to a food pyramid because like food, if you only eat sugar you will get a burst of energy, fizzle out, and feel worse after eating it than you did before.

Stick to the main food groups people...

Ok let’s look at each of these types of videos a little closer to see why they are important and how you can start using them.

To get a detailed breakdown of each video and how to use it best, register for the full webinar training here:


Reach out about a video project:

Learn more about SMG at

About Snaadt Media

Group: Snaadt Media Group is an Iowa-based video marketing consultancy. Founded in 2015 by Owner/Operator Ryan Snaadt, SMG is a one-stop-shop for video production and distribution for businesses and brands. With projects spanning companies, colleges, athletes, and more SMG can get your brand the exposure it needs to attract more prospects.

Capabilities include video marketing, scripting, editing, and video advertising. SMG can also consult with businesses on video strategy, speak at your event, or white label services within a larger campaign.


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