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Starting a Chiropractic Practice in Bondurant Iowa | Elite Health + Performance

Project Background:

Elite Health reached out to us to begin using video to market their business. After launching in 2020 during the pandemic, it was a priority for them to get professional digital assets online to attract more clients and grow the clinic.

Chris, the owner of the clinic wanted to showcase the key differentiators about his business including the time he spends with clients, the integration with athletics training + chiropractic, and the real results he was getting for his clients of various aliments.

Following our V.I.P. method, we concluded that this project would need to encompass more than just a single video. Chris would need digital assets he could use across online platforms to sell his services long term.

As a part of this approach, we shot over 2 days, interviewing 4 of his patients to hear their stories. These patients aligned with the various clientele Chris enjoys helping including children, athletes, adults, and elderly.

The goal of the interviews was to have clients share their stories about how their pain has subsided and explain how Elite is unique compared to competitors in the area. Interviewees were prompted with questions and their responses were natural.


In these two shoots, we were able to deliver 12 final video files, 5 full length interviews, 5 social media teasers, and 1 B roll loop for the website banner.

The interviews included:

James: 12 year old Soccer Player

Judy: 70 year old Retiree

Caitlin: 15 year old Volleyball Player

Client Feedback:

"Killing it! I highly recommend Ryan Snaadt with Snaadt Media Group if you are looking for a videographer to showcase your business! - Dr. Chris Reil, Owner Elite Health + Performance.

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