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Shooting 27 Videos in 4 Days for 10 Gym

Capture all of your marketing assets in a week or less

Last week, our team traveled to Oklahoma and Arkansas to shoot with 10 Gym, a regional fitness chain in the area.

With 10 locations across Oklahoma and Arkansas, our team strategically visited 7 of the locations, capturing over 27 separate videos to be used in various ways for 10 Gyms' marketing and sales process.

Media Week

This strategy is a new package we have developed called a 'Media Week'. Essentially, our team maps out a business' entire sales funnel from when a prospect first hears about them to when they have been a customer for many years.

We then build out an entire strategy to 'fill the holes' in the funnel where prospects fall out or disengage with a brand.

For a gym, this time is typically post purchase, as the customers become paying monthly members. Retention and customer engagement are key to helping them reach their fitness goals, see results, and retaining them for a longer time period.

What is included?

Our videos included interviews, talking head, social media ads, exercise breakdowns, tours of facilities and more.

Getting a variety of locations, talent, and video functions captured in a short time frame, helps our team turn out edits faster, launch campaigns in half the time, and allow us to serve more clients on a national scale.

If your company, fitness center, or organization is interested in improving your sales process and capturing 6-12 months of content in just 1 week, reach out to our team and we can discuss if a Media Week is the right fit for you.

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