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Mastering YouTube as a Brand | 6 Steps to Ranking YouTube Videos in Search

6 Steps to Ranking YouTube Videos in Search for your Business

In this conference workshop, Ryan covers Mastering YouTube as a Brand and the 6 Step Process to Rank your Videos in Search Results.

YouTube has helped Ryan hit a great number of accomplishments, even with a primary channel of only 13,000 subscribers. He has launched 2 online course businesses, gotten brand deals, grown an email list, Facebook group, and even gotten video clients for his company, Snaadt Media Group.

On YouTube, Ryan's channel has nearly 10,000,000 impressions, 300K views per year, and he has ranked multiple videos in his niche that have gotten hundreds of thousands of views each without spending a single penny on paid ads. That is the power of YouTube search.

Aside from making engaging videos that add value to your audience, Ryan advises his clients to follow a 6 step process he has coined called 'The 6 R's'

1. Research

2. Record

3. Rank

4. Re-Market

5. Review

6. Repeat

YouTube is an underutilized search tool that many businesses just are not aware of. If you can rank a video in search results for a buying topic that your business provides a service or product for, you could have a steady stream of leads or customers from that single video all for the low price of FREE!

Thanks to the Fitness Business Association SUCCEED! Event team for having us in your program.

Reach out about getting your brand seen on YouTube today:

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