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How to Use Video Marketing in your Health Club

In October, Ryan was asked to speak at the IHRSA Global Conference in Dallas, Texas.

During the 60 minute session, Ryan dove in to tactical tips for health and fitness clubs to begin doing to improve their business metrics using strategic video marketing. A live audience and virtual live stream audience tuned in and asked questions to understand video marketing.

The first problem we often see when working with gym clients is a lack of strategy or clarity.

Focusing on the 5 main videos in our Video Importance Pyramid will eliminate the lack of clarity and give a clear roadmap on where to start.

The 5 Layers are:

  1. Anchor Videos

  2. Sales Videos

  3. Social Proof

  4. Long form Education

  5. Micro Content

To see examples of all of these, see

In a health and fitness club setting, finding the 'holes in the boat' is the first step to diagnosing any issues you wish to address with video.

Find the video marketing 'holes in the boat'

Trouble getting new members? There is a video for that.

Trouble keeping members longer than 3 months due to churn? There is a video for that.

So we recommend clubs find their weaknesses and focus on those first before deploying a full video marketing strategy at every stage of their business. As we see with the Yoga client example, there are holistic approaches to creating a video ecosystem for every stage of your customers' journey. Each touch point, retention, sales, or hiring system you use can be automated and/or improved using videos to break through the noise and connect with people.

To learn more about improving your health and fitness club, shoot use a message at

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Jul 02, 2023

Hi! I noticed that your video doesn't have an option to add subtitles. I'd like you to fix it, as I feel more comfortable watching with them.

This list of editing software can help you in creating subtitles for your video. Just choose one you like and edit your existing video.

I look forward to your feedback!

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