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Strategic video marketing that gets results.

What Makes Us Different?


'Brand Awareness' won't pay the bills.


Hit your campaign goals with more leads, sales, or whatever KPI you are shooting for.


A clearly defined plan of attack for every video.

Use our video ecosystem to produce videos that get results, not vanity metrics.


Don't spend thousands on a single video file.


Leverage your content on more platforms with social teasers and alternative versions to get more reach and conversions.

What is Snaadt Media Group?

Snaadt (it rhymes with odd) Media Group is an Iowa-based video marketing consultancy. Founded in 2015 by Owner/Operator Ryan Snaadt, SMG is a one-stop-shop for video production and distribution for businesses and brands.

We specialize in the corporate and fitness industries, but can help any business that is looking to reach an audience.


With projects spanning companies, colleges, athletes, and more SMG can get your brand the exposure it needs to attract more prospects.


We take an 'odd' approach to video marketing for our clients, utilizing foundational videos (video business card, sales, testimonials) as a starting point to support other functions (social media posts, content marketing) of your business. 

This unique approach allows us to capture more deliverables per shoot, be more efficient with your budget, and ultimately get better results with a marketing campaign. We don't just shoot a video and disappear. We want to be your go-to resource for video marketing that gets results. 

Capabilities include video marketing, scripting, editing, and video advertising. SMG can also consult with businesses on video strategy, speak at your event, or white label services within a larger campaign. We can stay small and lean for lower budget projects and 'flex up' by hiring more crew, talent, or other roles in the production process if needed.

Regardless of your needs, Snaadt Media Group will provide guidance and advice at every step of the process to ensure you are getting the best experience possible.


Ryan Snaadt

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